Jun 7, 2017 — Did you know that cyanide landmines are used on public lands to kill coyotes and that these dangerous and cruel bombs have killed over 1,200 dogs since 2000?

Dogs like Casey, a beautiful yellow Lab, was killed by one earlier this year in Idaho -- right in front of his 14-year-old owner, Canyon. The bomb caused Casey to start "writhing with convulsions, a reddish foam emanating from his mouth. In front of Canyon, the yellow Lab made guttural sounds then went still."

Congress is considering legislation to ban these landmines right now by passing Canyon's Law. Please read our petition to learn more and then sign if you agree:

Casey suffered an agonizing death and is only one of many dogs killed by M-44 bombs. It's also only a matter of time before these bombs kill a human being, like Canyon. Using cyanide landmines to kill wild animals is reckless, unnecessary, cruel and inefficient. Livestock can be protected without the use of toxic chemical weapons that put families at risk.

Please sign the petition and also help spread the word by sharing our Facebook post:

Thank you for speaking up for animals!


1.5 million adoptable dogs and cats will be euthanized this year. Share an important message with our Adopt Don't Shop shirt:

Congress: Ban Cyanide Landmines that Kill Dogs
The M-44 cyanide landmine is used to protect livestock by killing "predator animals" like coyotes. Using pregnant coyote urine, the...
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