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    Millennials Put Pets First When Buying A Home

    But taking care of her pets, especially Lucy, meant selling her condo and buying a single-family home.

    “I loved living in the downtown area in a condo. It was great, very convenient, I didn’t have housework, but the one thing that was really missing was my dog’s happiness,” said Evans.

    Keeping pets happy appears to be a millennial priority. For this demographic, 79 percent of pet-owning homebuyers who closed on a property this year said they would pass up an otherwise perfect home if it didn’t meet the needs of their pets, according to a Realtor.com survey.

    Evans knows this firsthand, because she is also a real estate agent with mostly millennial clients. On their wish lists: first and foremost, outdoor space — a yard or at least a park within walking distance.

    “The big thing with cats is where is their litter box going to go? I think with any house or condo, that’s a big decision,” she added.

    And owners with older pets often have concerns about stairs. More affluent buyers want a dog grooming station in the mud room. Also, being near pet-friendly restaurants and pet supply stores is a big plus, especially for young urban buyers who might not have a car.

    And once millennials purchase a home, they often put big bucks into upgrades for their pets. Evans put $12,000 into her row house, adding a higher fence so her pets couldn’t jump out and other pets couldn’t jump in. She also added a modern pet door and renovated the basement bathroom for Lucy, even though the basement itself is unfinished.

    “I wanted her to have her own shower so that I wouldn’t have to clean mine after washing her in it,” said Evans.

    She just wanted her house to be pet-friendly overall, not just for herself but for her friends, most of whom also have pets.

    “I think I tend to connect more with other people with pets because we can do pet-friendly things together,” said Evans, adding that some of her clients who don’t have pets are also interested in pet amenities because they’ve been waiting to own a house first, so they can get a pet.

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