A dog with its ears and nose cut off

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Petitioning Detroit Police Department

Justice for Baron: The dog whose nose and ears were cut off.

Petition by DoggoPupper

When Michigan Humane Society received a call about an injured dog on the cold streets of Detroit, they were shocked to see his condition when they arrived. Someone had cut off the dog’s nose and both of his ears. 

The dog, who they named Baron, had been “brutally disfigured” and was malnourished -- his tail and hind legs were also injured.

Baron had to undergo two surgeries so he could breathe normally again. They were a success and despite all he's been through, the Humane Society reports that Baron is a sweet dog who loves people and after a long recovery road, will be up for adoption.

The person or people who did this to Baron haven’t been caught yet, even though the Michigan Humane Society is offering a $40,000 reward. This kind of animal cruelty cannot go unpunished.

Please sign this petition to help bring awareness to Baron’s case so that whoever did this is arrested and once they are, we can mobilize in large numbers to make sure this person is held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. 

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