Arthritic Dog Products

I have assembled a list of products that may be helpful for dogs with weakness, especially rear leg weakness. These products may be available through your veterinarian’s office, local pet supply store, or various Internet sources. I think they will facilitate the lifestyle of both the dog and the owner.

If you think your pet might require more intensive aid, read Care of the Paralyzed Pet for further products, including carts.

The products pictured here are only examples and are not all-inclusive. Other companies make the same type of products, and many of the companies included here make other products, as well. For example, offers many of these and other products for disabled dogs.

Standard legal disclaimer: Although I or my clients may have used some of the products on this page, most are here only because someone mentioned it, I saw their advertising, or I ran across their web page. I can’t vouch for any of these products or their companies, but if something looks like it may be helpful for your pet, please contact the company directly and find out for yourself. Conversely, if you know of any helpful products for arthritic dogs that you think we should include on this page, please e-mail us.


Slippery floors are trouble for the weak dog. Many a dog can exhaust himself trying to rise on a hard wood or tile floor. Rubber shoes for dogs have been used to protect the paws of performance and rescue dogs. They also help for negotiating slippery floors.

Handles and Special Leashes

Some dogs simply need help getting up and we don't all have the strength to keep dog-lifting several times a day. Fortunately, special handle-harnesses are available to assist in raising up the back or front of the patient, whichever end needs help reach them. The dog may not be able to steadily bend his elbows and knees slightly so as to reach the food without becoming weak and having to lie down. And then it may be all the more difficult to stand up again.

Providing raised bowls allows the dog to maintain a standing position and be able to reach the food and water.

Your veterinarian can order this product for you through PetEdge (formerly known as the New England Serum Company). PetEdge does not sell directly to pet owners.

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