Pet Food Ingredients,Information on pet food ingredients, such as proteins, vitamins and supplements that go into dog food, cat food and pet treat formulations.

  • Mon, 24 Jul 2017 16:00:00 +0000: Pet food nutrition: it’s not just about high protein - Pet Food Ingredients
    No published scientific data has shown the benefits of high protein in dog food, nor that it’s the root cause of any health issues. Protein quality is key.
  • Fri, 21 Jul 2017 13:00:00 +0000: Canidae Pet Food launches company farm - Pet Food Ingredients
    Canidae Pet Food has launched Canidae Farms in Kansas where it now grows its own ingredients for its pet food products.
  • Wed, 19 Jul 2017 04:00:00 +0000: GMO pet foods may be safe, but are rejected by pet owners - Pet Food Ingredients
    GMO ingredients in dog and cat food don’t hurt pets, said Richard Butterwick, global nutrition advisor at the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition during Petfood Forum 2017.
  • Mon, 17 Jul 2017 13:00:00 +0000: Your dog is not a wolf! (Pet food companies, take note) - Pet Food Ingredients
    Many recent pet food trends play on the belief that a dog is not different from a wolf and should be fed like one. Is this concept supported by science?
  • Mon, 17 Jul 2017 04:00:00 +0000: Chicken rules the roost of dog and cat food proteins - Pet Food Ingredients
    Chicken appears in more pet foods than any other meat, according to an analysis of the Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center.
  • Thu, 13 Jul 2017 04:00:00 +0000: Pet food labels: 4 popular natural dog, cat food trends - Pet Food Ingredients
    With so many pet food labels promoting products as natural, the challenge is to differentiate those natural dog and cat foods from each other.
  • Tue, 11 Jul 2017 15:00:00 +0000: Treatibles will launch new chew product at SuperZoo - Pet Food Ingredients
    Treatibles has partnered with Villalobos Rescue Center to introduce Tater’s Sweet Potato Tots, a new grain free chew that will benefit the New Orleans-based Rescue. One dollar from each bag sold will be donated to help cover veterinary expenses at Villalobos.
  • Tue, 11 Jul 2017 04:00:00 +0000: Petfood R&D Showcase features ancient grains in pet food - Pet Food Ingredients
    Pet food professionals can learn about a rising dog and cat food trend, whole and ancient grains, at the inaugural Petfood R&D Showcase: Going with the Grain on October 10-12, 2017 at Kansas State University.
  • Fri, 07 Jul 2017 16:00:00 +0000: Pet food ingredients: new documentary examines GMOs - Pet Food Ingredients
    Feeding pets has many parallels to feeding humans, including consumer demands driven by negative label claims and a fear of ingredients like GMOs.
  • Thu, 06 Jul 2017 04:00:00 +0000: Dutch insect farm will make sustainable pet food protein - Pet Food Ingredients
    In the Netherlands, Bühler Insect Technology will build an industrial plant to process black solider flies for animal nutrition, including pet food, together with its partner Protix.
  • Wed, 05 Jul 2017 04:00:00 +0000: Lamb remains common in dry dog food - Pet Food Ingredients
    An analysis of the Dog and Cat Food Ingredient Center focused on the use of lamb and lamb meal in pet food and the labeling of those products.
  • Tue, 27 Jun 2017 04:00:00 +0000: How to market pet food in Mexico and Brazil - Pet Food Ingredients
    The similarity between Mexican and Brazilian pet owners may indicate that comparable pet food trends run throughout the Latin American pet food market.
  • Thu, 22 Jun 2017 04:00:00 +0000: Insect protein producer funded with EUR45 million - Pet Food Ingredients
    The funding was delivered by Aqua-Spark, an investment company, Rabobank, BOM and various private investors.
  • Thu, 22 Jun 2017 04:00:00 +0000: Infographic: Popular legumes in dry, wet pet foods - Pet Food Ingredients
    Novel pet food ingredients made from leguminous plants, such as peas, chickpeas or lentils, have risen in popularity in cat and dog foods, both dry and wet.
  • Wed, 14 Jun 2017 20:00:00 +0000: Pet owners in Europe focused on pet nutrition and health - Pet Food Ingredients
    Petfood Forum Europe 2017 included a presentation on a study of health-conscious pet food purchasers and their perceptions of pet nutrition.
  • Thu, 08 Jun 2017 04:00:00 +0000: 3 functional pet food ingredients for dog health - Pet Food Ingredients
    Research on the use of prebiotics, antioxidants and eggshell membrane in pet foods will be featured during the sessions at Petfood Forum Europe 2017.
  • Wed, 07 Jun 2017 13:41:00 +0000: Beyond grain free: Chia as a modern ancient grain for dogs and cats - Pet Food Ingredients
    Chia seed has a lot to offer as the next new ingredient option in pet food.
  • Fri, 02 Jun 2017 06:54:00 +0000: Why superfoods are in more pet food formulas - Pet Food Ingredients
    The parallels between human health trends and pet food trends continue to grow as the focus expands to specific ingredients touting various health benefits for pets.
  • Thu, 01 Jun 2017 04:00:00 +0000: 8 Petfood Industry blogs for May 2017 - Pet Food Ingredients
    The Clean Label Project, CBD and ancient grains were among topics covered by Petfood Industry’s bloggers and columnists in May 2017.
  • Thu, 01 Jun 2017 04:00:00 +0000: #tbt Edible insects creeping into pet food popularity - Pet Food Ingredients
    Using six-or-more-legged protein sources as a replacement for four- and two-legged animals has grown in acceptance.

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