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      For All The Pet Parents Out There: DoggieLawn Is A Litter Box For Dogs

      From House Beautiful

      Coming home to a mess-especially one you didn’t make yourself-is enough to ruin even the best of days. If you’re a busy pet parent who leaves for hours at a time, you may know what it feels like to come home to an unfortunate stink in places that a) you can’t even find initially, or b) that are impossible to clean up.

      Luckily, there’s a solution that’s kind of like a litter box for dogs: DoggieLawn. It’s a monthly subscription-based plot of real grass on which you can easily train your four-legged friend to do his or her business.

      Signing up for a box is incredibly simple. When picking your plan, you can sign up for a standard (24″ x 16″), medium (24″ x 20″), large (24″ x 24″), or extra-large (24″ x 48″) DoggieLawn, depending on your dog’s weight, with ranges starting under 15 pounds to over 40 pounds. Then, you’ll choose where you want it to be shipped, the type of grass you want, and the frequency with which you want new boxes to arrive at your home (every one, two, three, or four weeks.)

      SIGN UP DoggieLawn Subscription Box, doggielawn.com

      Ranging from $26 to $58 a month (which includes complimentary FedEx shipping and disposable gloves), the DoggieLawn claims to “absorb urine and break down odors unlike fake grass or pee pads.” Which means you won’t come home to the sour stink of urin. Plus, you can just toss the environmentally-friendly patch of grass when your new one arrives.

      It’s a great concept if you’re an on-the-go dog mom or dad who can’t walk your pet during the day, or if you have one of those dogs who refuses to go outside in the rain or snow-we all know one! If DoggieLawn isn’t for you, consider these other options:

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