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      Discover Your Zodiac Sign’s Perfect Pet

      Animal lovers, this one is for you

      Is your zodiac’s perfect pet a dog, cat, fish or horse?. We have the answer you have been waiting for here! Our four-legged friends need tender loving care, and that can include being around their master and getting a lot of exercise, is your zodiac sign capable of taking care of a pet? Think carefully about this because the presence of an animal is a gift but only if you’re sure that you can make the animal happy… Ready to discover your zodiac sign’s perfect pet? What’s your zodiac’s perfect pet?

      Your zodiac sign reveals lots of information about your personality, your zodiac love compatibility and your preferences! Your zodiac sign is so rich in information that it can even reveal what your zodiac’s perfect pet is! So, zodiac animal lovers of the world, what is your perfect pet?



      Aries, if you had the space, you would adopt a ram or a goat but without a farm, this could be difficult. Fortunately, we have other animals to suggest. You like to be constantly occupied. A dog that requires a lot of exercise and care would suit you well. The preferred breed? A German shepherd for the complicity, or a Scottish Collie for its speed. Another shocking breed? The Chihuahua. The Chihuahua would fit in with your lifestyle well: despite their small size, they often think that they’re guard dogs. This makes you happy! What a personality!


      Calm animals: 

      Taurus, if you could, you’d adopt a bull or a cow for your home, but without a large area of land, you wouldn’t be able to put the poor animal anywhere! You need to find an animal that’s less cumbersome. We have what you’re looking for! You aren’t very active, so a breed like the Basset Hound, who’s slow and stubborn, would work. Stubborn? Yes, like you, of course! You could also adopt a turtle: turtles like to take their time, as do you. Another possibility would be a cat, since a cat’s nonchalance would please you. You could relax in front of the TV together! It’s funny that no one ever says “I want the life of a cat,” but now we understand why!


      Sociable animals: 

      Did you know that people say the Beagle, a wonderful hunting dog, has a philosophical soul just like you, Gemini? The Beagle is gentle and is adaptable as can be. In short, this dog is made for you. A Golden Retriever would also make you very happy. A special mention goes out to the Poodle, an intelligent dog who’d know how to impress you. Avoid a Rottweiler, whose nervousness would risk getting on your own nerves. Seeing that you’re talkative, you could also appreciate the company of a bird, like a parakeet or the mynah bird. If you desire to get a cat, opt for a talkative cat or a tomcat, both of which would make you happy!


      Family pet: 

      Cancer, you’re very family-oriented, so choose an animal that particularly appreciates the presence of children: a Collie, Golden Retriever, even a Bulldog! Cats may be a little too independent for you, but a Persian cat would fit in well. You love to show attention to those who surround you, and this breed of cat needs a good brushing every day and night, which you’d happily do! If you decide to adopt a smaller animal, like a bird or some fish, remember that they won’t need as much affection.


      Show stopper: 

      You need a spectacular animal that attracts attention just like you, Leo. You’d love to walk around with a panther on a leash, but you know very well that that’s impossible. Take into account an atypical dog: an Afghan Hound, who’s quick and haughty, would get you noticed. The aristocratic class of an English Setter would be a good choice, too, because it’s so chic! On a level of rare animals, why not an animal like a chinchilla? You can always adopt a cat, but be careful! If you get along, this could be a beautiful friendship, but some conflict is possible! You’ll need to show kitty who’s boss! Grr!


      Class act: 

      This is terrible to say, but you prefer a full-bred dog. Too bad for the mixed breeds who don’t match your tastes! Virgo loves order and a certain amount of luxury, would really like a basset hound: with you, this dog would stay in shape because you’d know how to develop a good diet for him/her. If you’d prefer another animal, don’t adopt a bird: putting your hands in the cage for cleaning doesn’t appeal to you at all. A lovely cat, like the sacred Burmese, who’s chic (with their “white gloves” at the end of their paws), obedient, and sociable would suit you. In short, choose a cat that’s a little bit sexy!


      Good-looking pet: 

      You need a fashionable animal, Libra. You’d love to spend hours with a Poodle at the groomer’s, paying for a lion cut or a mouton cut. You spend money without taking into account the dog’s beauty! You would also enjoy a canary: you really like music, so you’d find the canary’s melody very charming. What to avoid? A cat. Cats aren’t sociable enough for you, and they sleep too much for your taste. So, don’t be charmed by the captivating gaze of that cat in the cat food commercial!



      You like the quirky things in life, so a dog that has a face like a Puli (the “Rastafarian” dog) or a Cane Corso (a watchdog at heart) would be a great match. Scorpio people also love cats. Here are some strange cats that would win you over: a hairless cat (like the Sphynx or Donskoy, who have a velvet-like skin instead of hair), the Japanese bobtail (who has a coiled tail), or the Manx (a rare cat with no tail at all). Scorpio friend, you’re a funny character!


      Big personalities: 

      Sagittarius, if you could, you’d have a horse and a fast dog to gallop at your side (German Shepherd or Setter). You appreciate small dogs a lot- that’s only an expression! You’d be happy to take your little companion traveling with you: a Cairn terrier, a Miniature Pinscher, etc. Chihuahuas don’t work for you, however, because they keep you on edge. On another note, avoid living with a cat: a cat’s character is too predictable that it’d infuriate you!


      Adventurous pet: 

      Capricorn, your dog must travel well, like you do, and be full-bred because glamour’s a must. You appreciate sled dogs (Huskies) and all shepherd dogs because they’re useful. The Schnauzer is an obedient dog who appreciates its surroundings and knows its limits, which is perfect for you! Avoid dogs like Boxers or Dobermans because they’ll have difficulty understanding who the boss is! Don’t fall for a little dog. Even though they’re cute in appearances, a small dog proves to be too ill-tempered for your tastes! We would advise you against a cat. If a cat decided to take a nap on your computer keyboard, you’d only get mad and kitty may press the wrong button, deleting your last computer file!


      Animal shelter adoption: 

      If you could, you’d totally adopt an elephant, Aquarius, straight out of the circus, but that isn’t very practical! Your generous sign would see that you help a needy animal. You could come to the aid of an aging greyhound, taking them out for a little run, much to the dog’s pleasure and for your own. The personality of a Pekinese, a little dog who’s very independent, suits you well, too; however, don’t frighten the dog by dressing them up in outfits when you go for a walk.


      Fishy friends: 

      You obviously have a penchant for pets like your sign, Pisces, like those that have gills and fins! Buy some Carpe Koï and you’re happy! Except not being able to pet them, you get along with fish! The ideal would be to have a fountain overhanging a pond full of fish. It would be truly beautiful and relaxing! You could also take a nap in the company of a cat. Plus, this animal can purr and also has other anti-stress qualities to be discovered. As for dogs, you have a preference for Asian dogs, like the Chow Chow (with its wild fur and blue tongue) and the Shar Pei (useless to iron, the wrinkles come with!). To remain Zen, avoid the Lhasa Apso and the Shih Tzu.


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