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      Dog Tortured In Horrific Act Of Animal Cruelty

      WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT: A small dog has had its nose, ears and paws cut off in a disgusting act of senseless animal cruelty.

      International rescue group Cause 4 Paws, based in Toronto, shared photos of the poor pooch to Facebook, saying the dog’s injuries were reported after it was discovered in horrific condition in Russia.

      “Some folks took her to a vet to be treated but had nowhere for her to go so returned her to the same place where she was,” the group wrote in a post.

      Blessings was the victim of a horrific act of animal cruelty in Russia. Source: Facebook/Cause 4 Paws Toronto


      “One of our supporters reached out and we immediately said yes, we would take her and sent money to get her further treatment and to a paid foster.”

      Graphic photos showed the small animal with part of her nose, ears and paws missing, however amazingly still seemed to be showing affection to her rescuers.

      The group said poor government infrastructure and a “disposable” attitude towards animals was to blame for these sorts of cases.

      The poor pooch still seemed affectionate despite it having clearly suffered. Source: Facebook/Cause 4 Paws Toronto


      “So this is why Cause 4 Paws rescues internationally – where there is little help and little hope,” the post read.

      The group announced the dog, which staff had named Blessings, would soon be flown to Toronto for treatment and re-homing, but were appealing for help to raise money.

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