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      How I Met My Dog

      Matches Rescue Dogs With Adopters

      How I Met My Dog is an online service that matches adopters and individual dogs using an algorithm based on knowledge and experience from the company’s team of animal behaviorists, trainers and animal welfare experts. Its goal is to focus the dog adoption process on behavior and lifestyle over breed and “love at first sight” to increase the odds that the dog is a good match.

      The website is launching first in New England with plans to roll out nationally throughout 2017. The service includes rescue and shelter dogs as well as dogs that need to be re-homed by private families.

      “We have developed an algorithm that recognizes great matches and eliminates those that might be problematic,” said dog trainer Jodi Anderson, co-founder of How I Met My Dog. “We not only ask the right questions about adopters, but we also ask the right questions about each individual dog—something keyword matching does not do. As a result, our process dramatically increases the odds that the dog you’re bringing home is the right dog.”

      “How I Met My Dog is focusing on what really matters—individual behavior and lifestyle,” said Kelley Bollen, certified animal behavior consultant, director of animal alliances in Northampton, Mass. and faculty fellow for the Center for Animals for Public Policy at Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts.

      How I Met My Dog creates a P.E.T. profile for each dog and adopter using the factors of personality, expectations and training style.

      The service has a one-time fee of $49 for adopters and $75 for re-homers, and it’s free for shelters and rescues. It’s free for adopters and re-homers during its New England beta test.

      By Pet Business Staff

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