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      Millennial Pet Owners New Insights

      Millennials don’t just love avocado toast, selfies and binge-watching Netflix shows. They also really love their pets. And that’s not just conjecture—it’s a fact, according to a new survey from Zulily.

      The e-commerce chain partnered with Wakefield research to survey 500 Millennial pet owners in the U.S. about how they shop, what they buy and how their furry friend impacts their life.

      Since Millennials are the primary pet-owning demographic (35 percent of pets are owned by Millennials) and they will take home a projected income of $3.39 trillion this year, the generation should be of great interest to pet retailers.

      Some of the key findings of The Millennialization of the Pet Industry – Retail’s Opportunity to Reach the Pet-Obsessed Report include:

      Lots of Love
      • Most Millennial pet owners (65 percent) say it would be more stressful to be separated from their pet for a week than their cell phone.

      • Approximately 71 percent would take a pay cut if they could bring their fur babies to work every day.

      Giving Spirit
      • Millennials like to show their love with gifts. In fact, 92 percent purchase gifts for their pets, including toys, clothing and teats.

      • Holidays are popular times for gift giving, but more than half (51 percent) buy presents for their pet at least once a month.

      Pet Owner Pride
      • Many Millennial owners (83 percent) like to show off their pet parenthood with dog- or cat-themed products. The most popular items include calendars (43 percent), clothing (42 percent), cups/travel mugs (37 percent), door signs or welcome mats (33 percent) and wall art (32 percent).

      Shopping Experience
      • Millennial pet owners lack trust in store staff expertise. Almost two in three (63 percent) believe they know more about cats and/or dogs than store employees.

      • The tech-savvy generation prefer to buy certain pet items from online retailers, such as toys (44 percent), accessories (32 percent) and food (31 percent).

      • The least purchased pet products from online retailers include treats (23 percent), bedding (24 percent) and clothing (24), with Millennials preferring to purchase them at brick-and-mortar stores.

      By Carley Lintz


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