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      New Recommended Dog Joint Chews Dubbed “The Answer To Arthritis”

      Did you know 1 in 3 dogs will develop arthritis in their life? Imagine if you could prevent it? I’d like to share the story of my Lucy, and the joint chews I discovered that changed her life…

      I’ve had my 10 year old Lucy since she was a pup. She is a sweet, smart labrador. She has been my companion and best friend for the past decade, inciting playful jealousy from my husband on occasion. She has been the top employee of our army surplus store, greeting customers with a bark and wagging tail, and even escorting regular customers down the aisles.
      Not long ago, I noticed that Lucy’s gait began to slow, her tail wagged less, and her excitement for life seemed to diminish. My friends kept telling me that Lucy was no longer the puppy she once was, and that this was normal. Her active life had damaged her leg and hip joints.
      We even had to pack in the usual trips to Yellowstone that we took anually, Lucy just wasnt able to keep up with the walks we went on. Even at home she stopped being able to jump up on the sofa. It was devastating to watch.

      Our hearts broke. Our friends were right, Lucy wasn’t a puppy anymore. But she wasn’t THAT old, either. There had to be something I could do.

      We tried everything we could think of to help her get back to her old, active self….
      Heated Dog Bed
      We almost called a “Dog Whisperer”
      I was desperate, it was time to take her to the vet…

      Lucy laid there on the floor during the entire appointment, panting away with us huddled around her preparing for the worst. The vet entered the room and everyone held their breath. After a thorough examination he said something quite surprising…
      “Guys, before we try painkillers or invasive, expensive treatments, I want to try 1 thing that I think could help her, without the horrible side effects of prescription meds. I want you to give Lucy one of these joint-boosting chews every day for 3 weeks and then come back and see me”.

      We were shocked, and a bit skeptical. We had prepared for something a bit worse in all honesty. And then to be given a simple dog chew as the solution…
      We left the clinic with a small tub of the “joint boosting chews” to give Lucy every day
      What happened next was truly unbelievable…

      Day by day. Week by week. Lucy began to improve. After week 1 she began to get up from bed in a way the family had never seen before. There was a “pep in her step” that she hadn’t shown in years.
      In week 2, Lucy was getting up and slowly walking again. This brought tears to the family eyes. Lucy had to be assisted in walking for the last 6 months and for the first time in that period – she was walking on her own.

      In week 3, the effects of the joint care chews were abundantly obvious. Lucy was going on brisk 10 minutes walks unassisted and as her family put it “looked like a completely different dog”. Nobody could believe her transformation.

      So, we know what you’re probably thinking. What on earth is in these joint care chews?!
      Well, the joint care chews are made by a company called Petlab Co and contain some of the strongest anti-inflammatory ingredients available today. Behind the formulation are some of the world’s top vets and dog nutritionists. Interestingly, the joint care chew are designed to be both corrective AND preventative meaning they are perfect for younger dogs too.
      Here are just some of the powerful joint-boosting ingredients in every chew…
      Glucosamine – prevents joint pain and stiffness
      MSM – eases joint inflammation and swelling
      Chondroitin – prevents joint pain and stiffness
      Fish Oil – reduces tenderness, swelling & discomfort
      Magnesium – strengthens bones
      Vitamin C & E – stimulates collagen to build cartilage
      They contain everything scientifically proven to work.
      Whats more impressive than the formulation though are the THOUSANDS of incredible reviews on the joint care chew. Countless Americans have posted online about how much the joint care chew have changed their dogs’ lives.


      By Kayla Reeves, Expert Pet

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