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      Hope for Dolphins and Whales

      As the year comes to an end, I’m inspired by what have have done together for dolphins and whales. Around the globe we are standing up for these amazing beings.  But we can’t do it without your help!

      Stopping Dolphin Deaths in Tuna Nets 

      We just won a crucial ruling from the World Trade Organization against the Mexican government’s attempt to destroy the Dolphin Safe tuna label law. 

      Dolphins caught in tuna net.jpegMexican tuna companies still use horrendously cruel and deadly fishing methods. We’ve convinced more than 90% of the world tuna companies to end this practice. Yet Mexico’s tuna seiners continue chase, capture and kill dolphins using speedboats, helicopters, and mile-long nets.

      This dolphin-killing fishing method must be prohibited. With your help we can end it!

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      Freeing Orcas and from Concrete Tanks

      Despite dropping attendance and a rash of orca deaths, SeaWorld continues to refuse to get out of the marine mammal captivity business and retire orcas and dolphins to seaside sanctuaries where they belong. Orca SeaWorld photo.jpeg

      Instead, SeaWorld has doubled-down on lies. They are ramping up a $25 million-dollar ad campaign to con people into believing that their concrete tanks are safe for orcas and dolphins.  This just isn’t true.

      Check out our new video The Chance to Be Free, pulling back the curtain on SeaWorld’s abuse.

      With your support, we can get this message to millions of people and keep pressure on SeaWorld to change.

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      Working Around the World For Dolphins

      Dec eblast Taiji Cove photo.jpg

      In Taiji, Japan, the body count of dead dolphins continues. The government refuses to end the bloody slaughter in the killing cove. The number of dolphins killed has been reduced, but that is not enough! 

      We’ve launched a global effort to shine a spotlight on Japan at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and build worldwide pressure on Japan’s leadership to end the killing of cetaceans permanently.

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      Trump vs. Whales

      News is just out that the Trump Administration is ready to unveil a plan to slash the size of protected marine National Monuments in the outer Hawaiian Islands, Rose Island, Wake Atoll, Palmyra Atoll, and other protected coral islands.

      It would allow offshore oil drilling and commercial fishing in sensitive marine habitats despite the risks to migrating humpback, blue and minke whales, numerous dolphin species, and reef sharks.

      We must stop these dangerous proposals in court and through increased public pressure. Sign our Petition.

      In all these campaigns and more, we are saving dolphins and whales thanks to your support. With your tax-deductible donation, you can also receive great holiday gifts, including our new campaign t-shirt.

      On behalf of all dolphins swimming in their natural ocean homes and those that are desperate for our help, thank you again for your critical support.

      Best Wishes,

      DP Signature Blue.jpeg

      David Phillips,  Executive Director
      International Marine Mammal Project

      With a monthly sustaining donation we’ll send you our beautiful new organic Dolphin Campaign t-shirt, or a “Blackfish” movie DVD (all with free shipping).

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      The International Marine Mammal Project is part of the Earth Island Institute network. EII receives highest scores from Charity Ratings Services including Charity Navigator and GuideStar, demonstrating that we are worthy of public trust.

      charity navigator four star seal of approval    GuideStar Platinum.jpeg

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