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      Share your rescue story!


      Mar 7, 2017 — Without loving people willing to take an injured or possibly challenging animal, dogs like Baron could end up spending months in a shelter. Worse, they end up euthanized because a home couldn’t be found.

      Rescue dogs are incredible yet there are people who still have their reservations and buy from breeders instead. If you have a rescue dog, we want to share your story!

      We’ve setup a form where you can tell us all about the relationship you have with your dog and the story behind the adoption. You can add photos and as much information as you like. We’ll be writing blog posts and sharing these stories on our social media accounts and by email.

      Just click here to submit your story:

      It’s so important that we share how wonderful rescue animals are because there are so many dogs in need of good homes. The more we can share about successful adoption, the more people we’ll inspire to give a dog its forever home.

      Thank you!


      Share your rescue dog story.
      We want to hear your rescue dog story! Our dogs mean so much to all of us and we mean the world to them. Have you rescued a dog that was…
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