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      Wildlife Lovers Save Endangered Animals

      I know you love wolves and other imperiled wildlife, and that’s why I need to tell you this.

      We’re in a state of emergency. Let me explain.

      Assault after assault has been launched this year against wolves, elephants, sage-grouse…even against the very idea of wildlife protection.

      Responding to these many attacks has depleted our resources, to the point we are facing a shortfall in our budget, just as the situation for wolves and other imperiled wildlife could become critical.

      We must raise $100,000 before September 30th to help navigate the treacherous weeks ahead.

      Donate today and our Board of Directors and National Council will match your gift, dollar-for-dollar, up to a total of $100,000.

      As you read this, special interests and their paid lobbyists are working tirelessly to attack our nation’s wildlife.

      • They’re going after wolves. Bills and amendments are pending to strip gray wolves of federal protections in parts of the Northern Rockies, the Pacific Northwest and the Great Lakes. Hundreds of wolves will be shot in the coming weeks in Montana and Idaho alone, where federal protections have already been stripped – can you imagine how much worse it will be if these protections disappear in other areas overnight?
      • They’re going after elephants. At a time when poachers are killing an elephant every 15 minutes, the gun lobby wants to make it easier for illegal ivory to flow into our country.
      • They’re going after the very foundation of wildlife protection. More than 80 bills or amendments are pending to weaken or destroy the Endangered Species Act. And without strong opposition from the conservation community, many of them may have the votes to pass!


      Donate today and our Board of Directors will match your gift dollar-for-dollar!

      There is Always Hope.

      Your urgent donation will help save wildlife, by:

      • Supporting expanded pro-wildlife lobbying efforts in Congress to block anti-wildlife conservation legislation from passage;
      • Running newspaper, online and radio ads in key states and Congressional districts;
      • Mobilizing both grassroots and grasstops citizen activists from key states to weigh in with their Congressional delegations in opposition to anti-wildlife legislation; and
      • Build pressure on the administration to oppose all anti-Endangered Species Act and wildlife amendments added to “must pass” legislation.

      I truly believe the vast majority of Americans would never support these shocking and dangerous proposals. It’s up to you and me to make sure our American value of wildlife protection prevails.

      These are battles that the wolves, elephants and other imperiled wildlife can’t afford to lose.

      The wildlife you love is counting on you to help. Are you in?


      Jamie Rappaport Clark       
      President, Defenders of Wildlife

      Defenders of Wildlife leads the pack when it comes to protecting wild animals and plants in their natural communities

      Defenders of Wildlife | 1130 17th St NW, Washington, DC 20036 |


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