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      What You Need To Know Before Taking That Holiday Trip With Your Pet

      Traveling with pets can add to the stress of getting to your destination, especially around the holidays.

      Experts say the best way to remain stress-free while traveling with your pets this holiday season is by planning ahead.

      “Planning ahead is the most important piece of advice,” says Lindsay Anderson with Pack Your Pets. Anderson specializes in helping travelers make arrangement for the animals ahead of traveling.

      She says her company sees an increase in traffic around the holidays, whether students are traveling internationally back home or people are planning vacations for fun or to visit family.

      If you are traveling internationally this Christmas, Anderson says it is especially important to organize your vet paperwork, a pet boarding situation, or travel arrangements with an IPATA partner.

      Below you will find several tips and resources for domestic travel with your pets.


      Airline companies all have different policies and procedures regarding pet travel.

      “It’s all for the safety of the pets and to maintain that safety, but it has made it harder for owners to navigate it themselves,” explains Anderson.

      Some companies do not allow pets in cargo, while others have strict limitations on who can fly in-cabin. You may also be required to pay a fee anywhere from $20 to $300 so it is best to do your research before booking a flight.

      You can find airline-specific policies by visiting BringFido’s Airline Pet Policies page.


      Long road trips can be just as uncomfortable for dogs and cats as they are for humans.Bring a pet travel kit to help ease your furry friend’s stress; food, treats, toys, and your pet’s favorite blanket are all good items to include along with leashes, pet cleaner, and first aid supplies.

      The ASPCA also has several suggestions to help ease the road trip process for you and your pet.

      Please never leave your pet alone in a parked vehicle.


      Only a handful of cruise lines allow dogs to come on board.https://www.petswelcome.com/articles/great-pet-friendly-boat-cruises.html PetsWelcome.com has a good list of options.


      Several hotel franchises are pet-friendly but may have additional regulations or require a deposit.

      Always check with your hotel about their pet policies before booking.

      Bring Fido has a list of hotels that allow pets along with ratings for each. You can search by destination and date.

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