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      Where to Hide a Cat’s Litter Box in Your Apartment

      If you’re a cat owner, you’ve likely spent some time considering the most discreet, least intrusive location for your cat’s litter box. As a renter, you may encounter challenges such as having limited living space or the inability to modify your rental, both of which can make it challenging to disguise your cat’s litter box. Don’t be discouraged, because there are a few ways you can hide it without much effort or cost. Here are four options to consider for your apartment.

      1. Behind the Couch or Chair
      Depending on how spacious your living room is, you may want to consider pulling the couch away from the wall a bit and simply placing the litter box behind the couch. If you have an armchair and a corner to place it in, then you already have a built-in hidden location for your litter box. Both of these solutions only require some minor rearranging of furniture, just be sure you can access the litter box for daily cleanup.

      2. Under a Side Table With a Tablecloth
      Want to hide your litter box using a piece of furniture you already own? A simple solution is to pick a piece of furniture your litter box will fit nicely under, and then purchase a tablecloth that will fully cover the piece. Your cat can easily access the litter box, and the tablecloth can keep the box hidden as well as help to keep the litter itself contained.

      3. Modify a Piece of Furniture
      If you’re prepared to take on a more involved project, a chest, sideboard, wardrobe or nightstand can all be modified to create an elegant home for your cat’s litter box. You’ll need to choose a piece of furniture that contains enough space for the litter box and cat to fit comfortably inside. Additionally, you’ll need to create an access point for your cat — typically done by cutting a hole in the side or front of the piece of furniture. To clean the litter box, simply use the cabinet doors or the chest’s top opening to access the litter.

      4. Under the Bathroom Sink With a Fabric Skirt
      If you’d prefer to keep your litter box in the bathroom and happen to have a console or wall-hung sink (with no cabinet beneath), there is an elegant solution you may want to consider. Simply cut a piece of fabric to the appropriate size, then use a hook and loop fastener to secure the fabric around the perimeter of the sink base to create a skirt for the sink. Similarly to the tablecloth, both you and your cat can have easy access to the litter box and the fabric may help contain the litter to the immediate area.

      While renters may not have the option to modify their living space in the same ways as a homeowner, there are still plenty of solutions for hiding a litter box. Whether you prefer to use your existing furniture as-is or take on a DIY project, a clever solution for your litter box is only a few steps away.

      Article By Madeline Coite, Apartminty

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