72 Animals Confiscated From Port Charlotte Home In Deplorable Condition

PORT CHARLOTTE (WWSB) - Dozens of animals had to live in deplorable conditions in Elizabeth Smock’s Port Charlotte home. The floors of the home covered in urine and feces. 72 animals rescued from the conditions and brought to the Animal Welfare League shelter to heal and get better.

“It’s absolutely not fair to the animals and unfortunately hoarding we believe is a mental disease, these people aren’t sane they’re not in their right mind because they think most times they’re doing what’s best for the animals," said Dr. Jill Kirk, Medical Director at Animal Welfare League. "But obviously as an outsider we can see that these animals are not being well taken care of, they’re suffering.”

About 30 cats, ten pigs and piglets, numerous reptiles, rats, hamsters and a dog were found living in this small home in deplorable conditions. The animal shelter says health problems for these animals range from significant to critical and the issues don’t appear to be life threatening. The cats appear to have some of the biggest issues including an upper respiratory tract infection and extensive flea problems.

“We’ve got all of our exams done, so we’re going to start all of these animals on medications tomorrow to help them start to feel better and get over the colds that they have,” said Kirk. "We’re obviously going to be treating everyone for fleas and every skin disease that we’ve found, we’re going to treat them for as long as it takes and we’re going to get them happy and healthy.

The animals won’t be available for adoption until Smock’s court case is over. We did knock on the front door of her home but there was no answer. She has yet to be arrested but animal cruelty charges are expected to be filed in the coming days.

For more information on how you can help the Animal Welfare League with treatment of these animals, you can log onto awlshelter.org.

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