Bird lovers definitely need to have a birdcage in which to keep their birds. There are many different types of birdcages available, so one has to think twice before actually buying one.

The first thing to consider is if the material of the birdcage is safe for the bird. Most of the birdcages have powder-coated cages with zinc or lead in them, which is unsafe for the bird. However, some manufacturers have consulted with veterinarians and have determined a safe level for both these minerals so that the bird is not harmed. Next, make sure that the cage is big enough for the bird. The bigger the cage, the happier the bird is. The rule of the thumb here is that the bigger the cage, the better, as long as the bar spacing isn't too wide. Cleaning cages is one thing you have to be ready to do when buying a birdcage, so make sure the cage can be broken down easily and in a matter of minutes for cleaning. Also look for drainage holes in the cage at points where moisture collects, like the bottomed of each panel. The main reason for the cleaning of the cage is because the bird droppings can become erosive; the longer they are on the cage, the more damage they do. Avoid placing the birdcage in a tight spot in your home. Birds are a lot like humans, and they need space and sunlight. So it is always better to buy cages with wheels to move the cage, thus giving the bird a change of scenery. Make sure the bars of the cage are not hollow, as any decent bird can bend and chew through a hollow birdcage. Make sure that the cage is constructed of steel or wrought iron. Buy cages from a noted manufacturer and avoid buying a no-name cage that has no manual, warranty or support phone number. And last, but not least, check the birdcage for functional features before buying it. The most commonly overlooked feature is the bird-proof lock; if the locks are not right, just imagine the state of the house if the bird gets out and roams though the house! So the next time you do buy a birdcage, it is better to keep these points in Anything for Pets Parents & Their Pets, so that you get the best birdcage available for your pet bird!



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