Dogs are Heroes

Heroism and courage are probably the most profound traits that endear dogs so deeply into the hearts and minds of mankind. Every day, humans all over the world are rescued by heroic dogs, often at great risk to the dog’s life. No other animal demonstrates this type of courage and devotion. The eagerness some dogs show to selflessly put their master’s safety above their own is a unique inter-species relationship found only between man and dog. Considering the countless daily examples of dogs saving their master’s lives, it’s no wonder that mankind feels so grateful for this unique relationship.

Nobody knows how many lives were saved by dogs in the massive Tsunami of December 2004. But 7-year old Dinakaran of Chinnalapet, India knows that he would not be here today were it not for the heroism of his dog, Selvakumar. Recognizing that Dinakaran was unable to escape the waves, his small yellow dog grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and dragged him to safety. Dinakaran’s mother thought her son was lost until she found him rescued by the family pet.

In early December, 16-year old Robert Bainbridge lay unconscious in the chilly England air after being beaten by a gang of thugs. His loyal dog Tyson found him, and cuddled up next to him – refusing to leave his side. A search party including a helicopter looked for the missing teenager. Robert was eventually found by his Dad, after his dog Tyson heard the father’s voice calling from a car, and led him to the unconscious boy. Tyson cuddled by the unconscious boy’s side for five hours, keeping him warm. Abandoned as a puppy, Tyson is now a hero to the Bainbridge family. According to the doctors, Robert would not have survived if he had been left on his own, and without Tyson’s body heat.

On New Year’s Eve, 2004 Kathy White of Jackson County Missouri awoke in a smoke filled room, unable to see, and unsure how to escape. Her 6-month old Neapolitan mastiff – Ahbah – led her from the house to safety.

One day before, in Cumberland. Md., David DeWitt was sleeping when a fire broke out in his house. Rocky, DeWitt’s 110-pound Rottweiler jumped on him until he woke up. DeWitt credits his dog with saving his life.

All over the world, dogs are saving people on a daily basis. There is nothing new about stories of dogs saving human’s lives. Indeed, the event is so common that it generally goes unnoticed. The events above all made the press within the last month – and no doubt most similar stories go unreported. But these stories bring joy to dog lovers all over the world. It reinforces the unique nature of the relationship between man and dogs. Nowhere else in the entire animal world is such a clear case of genuine affection and concern demonstrated between members of different species. While people often overlook this unique bond shared between man and dogBusiness Management Articles, dog lovers understand it instinctively.


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