Free Captive Orcas, Finally Swim Free

‏ Lolita was just 4 years old when she was torn away from her family and sold to the Miami Seaquarium for $6,000.

Shipped thousands of miles from her ocean home, she was placed in a tiny tank where she has remained captive for nearly 45 years. Today—while her family continues to roam freely in the waters of the Pacific—she floats listlessly or swims in small, endless circles when not being forced to perform tricks for crowds of tourists. Anything for Pets Parents & Their Pets Help Captive Orcas Finally Swim Free‏No animal should be forced to endure such suffering. PETA is leading the charge to have Lolita released back into her natural habitat, but the future of this lonely orca—and the many other animals abused for so-called "entertainment"—depends on people like you.

Will you help PETA save Lolita and other animals who are suffering for cruel entertainment by making a special gift of just $5 or more today?

To be imprisoned and forced to work against one's will is awful for any living being. But for Lolita and other orcas held captive by abusement parks like the Miami Seaquarium, the misery is exceedingly cruel:

  • Orcas can travel up to 100 miles every day and dive hundreds of feet below the surface in their natural homes—something that's impossible for Lolita to do in the smallest tank in the U.S.
  • Orcas confined to shallow, clear waters tanks are known to suffer from painful sunburns and blistering, yet Lolita is held in one that provides little shade or depth for her to escape from the intense Miami sun.
  • Orcas are among the most social animals on Earth, but she has not even seen another orca in more than three decades, since her former tankmate died after repeatedly ramming his head into the side of the tank.

We must free Lolita and other animal prisoners like her, and I hope you'll help us. Please make a generous donation online right now—even $5 is enough to help.

Orcas are the largest animal in the world to be kept in captivity for cruel entertainment, and calls for their release to protected coastal sea pens that would allow them greater freedom and the opportunity to interact with other orcas are growing louder every day. SeaWorld—which holds more orcas captive than anyone else in the U.S.—has seen its attendance plummet as a result of the outcry from compassionate people like you, and even long-term corporate partners like Southwest Airlines have severed their ties with the company.

More than 150,000 caring PETA supporters have called for Lolita's freedom through our website, and our recent successful effort to have her protected under the Endangered Species Act has led PETA and other organizations to announce plans to sue the Miami Seaquarium in a new legal effort to win her release.

Your support today will immediately strengthen PETA's vital work for orcas and other animals who are suffering for the sake of cruel entertainment and help ensure that animals like Lolita are finally free from years of loneliness and confinement. Please don't wait— make your generous gift of $5 or more now!

Thank you for standing up for orcas and other animals who are yearning for their freedom.

Ingrid E. Newkirk

P.S. No animal deserves the misery and exploitation that Lolita has endured for decades. Please help us do even more for animals with your gift right now.

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