Help Dolphins !

 Today is your last chance to give a gift to help us save dolphins and whales around the world.

We've made lots of progress, but we need your help to make this a great year ahead for dolphins and whales.

Help us:

--- keep the pressure on US and international captive dolphin facilities to end the capture, trade, and cruel confinement of dolphins and whales;
--- press the government of Japan to stop the slaughters; and
--- prevent a return to the worst dolphin killing fishing method in the world -- the intentional chase and encirclement of dolphins to catch tuna.

Your gift before 2014 runs out makes a huge difference for dolphin lives.

Won't you make an online gift?  DONATE HERE to help us fight for a better future for dolphins and whales.   With your donation you can receive the movie Blackfish or our Dolphin Campaign t-shirt.   All shipping is free.

We will make every dollar go a long way. We get top grades from the independent rating service Charity Navigator and have a 30-year record of dolphin and whale conservation.

On behalf of all of us at Earth Island Institute’s Save Japan Dolphins Campaign, I wish you a Peaceful and Happy New Year.

Best Regards,

David Phillips

Save Japan Dolphins
With your a monthly or end-of-year gift we’ll send you Blackfish, the movie that has SeaWorld on the runor a Dolphin Campaign t-shirt of the young albino dolphin Angel, stuck at the Taiji Whale Museum.  All shipping is free.

To see the latest updates on all our efforts, click HERE.

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