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Dear Donor,

Thank you so very much for your recent donation to INOpets Best Friends organization in Honour of our pet INO, We truly apricate your thoughtful contribution. As a volunteer-powered organization, we are able to continue contributing to animal’s rescue, and save many animals lives each year because of supporters like you.

Thank you for your continued, faithful support of our INOpets volunteer organization.

All-Volunteer charity working for the public to promote individual responsibility for animals welfare.

Your gift will allow INOpets Organization to continue its mission of rescuing and rehabilitating pets throughout our communities.

Animal safety and welfare has made humane education a high priority for us, Promoting the proper care and treatment of animal’s tips such as proper feeding and exercise as well as ensuring pet owners check the health of their pets. There is a special satisfaction that comes with rehabilitating an injured or frightened animal or socializing a dog or cat to make it ready for a permanent family.

We are grateful that so many generous souls have supported our cause.

There are thousands of pets that need rescuing and we hope that you will consider giving again in the future.

Please visit our website to support our mission.

Thank you for helping us save precious best friends lives!

Best Wishes,

INOpets Online Donation Manager

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