Cat Body Language

Cat Body Language

Cat body language, feline behavior, what is cat telling you thru their tail positions, what that means.


Tail in the Air With a Curve

Cats will sometimes hold their tail in a way that resembles a question mark. The curve at the end of their straight tail expresses playfulness. They are feeling friendly and open to some activity.

Puffy Tail

A puffy tail often means a cat is frightened, especially when it occurs with an arched back and flattened ears. The puffiness shows an attempt to make the feline look larger and more threatening.

Low to the Ground

Tails low to the ground indicate a cats sense of hesitation. The feline feels uncertain and may become antagonistic.

Tail Straight in the Air

Cats hold their tails straight in the air when they are feeling confident, content or excited. This could be the sight that greets you at the front door.

Tail Wrapped Around Another

Cats will wrap their tails around you or another cat to show friendship. It is a sign of affection and display of camaraderie.

Fast-Moving Tail

A tail quickly lashing back and forth indicates a cat’s irritation. The animal could also be feeling afraid and may lash out.

Slowly Moving Tail

Cats moving their tails slowly from side to side are focused on a specific sight, like a bird or a toy. This movement often occurs prior to a cat pouncing.

Tail Tucked Beneath the Body

Much like in dogs, a cat with its tail tucked beneath its body is feeling fearful or submissive. The feline is uneasy with something happening in its environment

Tail Straight in the Air and Shaking

Tails shaking while straight in the air mean a cat is feeling excitement and anticipation. Maybe the cat just caught a mouse and is strutting around, or it’s watching its owner get supper ready.



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