Chihuahua Dog Breeds

Chihuahua Dog Breeds, The Chihuahua is a tiny dog with a huge personality- in fact, it is the smallest breed of dog in the world. The Chihuahua is a very charming dog, that is full of energy and silly behavior. Chihuahuas are generally 6 to 9 inches in height and weigh between 2 to 8 pounds. They have large ears and may have long or short hair in a wide variety of colors including black, fawn, gray and more. Chihuahua dogs make great family members and wants to keep them protected always. Despite their small size, they will do whatever they can to guard their family- including alert them with barking. Chihuahuas require early socialization and training so that they will be at ease at home and in new situations.


The tiny Chihuahua is small but mighty. They are fiercely loyal and devoted to their families. They soak up attention and will often be found near those they love. Chihuahuas each have their own distinct personality, with some being outgoing and others being shy. They are silly and goofy, but also love to guard and protect their families. Barking at new activity, sights, sounds and smells is a common complaint of Chihuahua owners so this should be trained out of the dog early on.


Chihuahuas are very easy to groom since they are so small. Weekly brushing is sufficient for long or smooth hair, although during periods of increased shedding they may need to be brushed every other day. They can easily become cold and shiver, and can grow to appreciate wearing warm sweaters for added heat. Chihuahuas should be bathed every month with a gentle shampoo and will most likely require wipes to remove their tear stains. Their ears should be checked and cleaned weekly. Chihuahuas are prone to dental issues and should have their teeth brushed every day.


Chihuahuas are known for their independent personality so training should begin early. They need to be trained using positive reinforcement or they may become reactive or fearful. Chihuahuas can be trained to use a litterbox, pee pads or an indoor grass patch. They are difficult to train to go outdoors because they may refuse to go outside when It is raining or snowing.

Daily Activity

Chihuahuas are a great pet for people living in small apartments and condos. They need to go for a short walk daily to keep their weight down because they are prone to becoming obese.


Chihuahuas are a generally healthy breed that can live up to 15 years or more. The breed does have health concerns which may include: eye problems, collapsing tracheas, cryptorchidism, melanoma, seizures and more.

The Chihuahua is a fun little dog that can easily steal your heart.

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