Havanese Dog Breeds

Havanese Dog Breeds

The Havanese breed of dogs are loved around the world. They have long silky hair, big expressive eyes and are tiny. Havanese dogs are a part of the Toy Dog Group- they are usually between 8 to 11 inches in height and weigh between 8 to 14 pounds. They can make great family members for homes with small children or other pets. They are known for their flowing long locks that are available in many different colors including red, brown, black, gray, fawn and white.


The Havanese breed is known for its strong personality that loves to be the apple of their owner’s eye. Havanese dogs are great with children and can be trained to obey house rules with consistency. Havanese dogs love to keep watch of the neighborhood, and will often be perched at a door or window so that they can alert you of new happenings with their bark. Havanese dogs are also become extremely attached to their owners and are prone to separation anxiety if they are alone for long periods of time.


Havanese have long beautiful hair that may be clipped or kept long, depending on the season or the owner’s preference. If the hair is kept long it is incredibly important that they are brushed regularly and bathed often. Havanese dogs often get dark oily areas around their eyes, commonly known as “tear stains”, which can be cleaned with a wet cloth. Their ears should be cleaned weekly, and their teeth should be brushed every day if possible.


Havanese dogs can be trained easily with consistent reinforcement and positivity. They also love to be rewarded with treats and are willing to work for them. It is important with the Havanese breed to start training because they can become overprotective and weary of new experiences if they are not socialized and exposed to new things. Havanese dogs can also develop annoying treats if they are not trained right away including barking, begging and yipping.

Daily Activity

Havanese dogs do not require very much exercise, but a couple short walks around the block a day is a must for an even temperament. They also like to play games of fetch and retrieving. They should not be left alone for long periods of time or they will become bored and restless. This may lead them to bark or destroy household items out of boredom.


Havanese dogs are generally a very healthy breed of dog that can live up to 15 years. They do have some breed related health risks including eye and skin problems, hip dysplasia, portosystemic shunt, deafness and more.

Havanese dogs are very friendly and intuitive. They love to be with their family at all times and can be a great pet with the right training and socialization.

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