Little Friends: Dogs & Cats Shows Purrfect Pets In This Pawfect Trailer

Little Friends Dogs and  Cats popped up on social media today with a pawfect announcement trailer showing what can only be described as a spiritual successor to Nintendogs and Nintencats. The trailer features a bunch of gameplay footage of adorable wittle floofy woofys and kitty kitties.

Developed by Imagineer and published by Sold Out, Little Friends: Dogs & Cats will head to the Nintendo Switch soon. From what is shown, the game appears to be incredibly familiar with six breeds of puppies and three kittens to choose from.

You’ll be able to give your pet a name, care for them and bond with them. You’ll be able to take your dogs for a walk and fuss their adorabubble faces by using the Nintendo Switch’s touchscreen. You’ll be able to play ball and unlock more toys for your pets as well as compete in a flying disc tournament.

If that wasn’t enough to get your cuteness senses tingling you can play with up to three pets at once, having them all wooking at chu through the Switch’s screen. Additionally, you can store twelve pets in a hotel.

The more you play with your pets in Little Friends: Dogs & Cats the more you’ll learn about their personalities and what their favourite toys and food are. You can even dress them up with over 600 accessories and take screenshots of them in all their fluffy faced glory.

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats will be the first game on the Nintendo Switch to introduce a pet simulator title. The game has been available in Japan for some time, but the announcement trailer details that the game is heading to North America and Europe later this Spring. Imagineer has recently launched Fitness Boxing for the Nintendo Switch.

Little Friends: Dogs & Cats will launch at some point this Spring for Nintendo Switch.

February 28, 2019 5:43:57 PM EST

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