Pet Industry Network

Pet Industry Network

Pet Industry Network, There are many pet industry organizations for pet industry professionals. These groups may help members with the job search process, networking, and professional development.  Here is a sampling of major pet industry organizations that may be of interest to sales representatives, sales managers, manufacturers, service providers, and other industry professionals:

American Pet Products Association
APPA is a trade association dedicated to promoting pet ownership and expanding the pet product industry.

The membership consists of more than 1,000 pet product manufacturers, representatives, importers, and livestock suppliers.  The group also co-sponsors the annual Global Pet Expo event.  Members qualify for insurance programs, use of a referral network, import/export assistance programs, and a variety of educational seminars.

European Pet Food Industry Federation
FEDIAF represents the pet food industry in 26 European countries (including approximately 650 individual pet food producers).  The federation seeks to ensure that all pet food produced in Europe is safe for pet consumption.  It also promotes pet ownership, animal welfare, and pet food industry legislation.

International Pet and Animal Transportation Association
IPATA is a nonprofit trade organization dedicated to the safe transport of pets and other animals.  Membership is comprised of an international network of airlines, animal handlers, veterinarians, insurance agents, boarding kennels, quarantine facilities, holding facilities, and others with a vested interest in the animal transportation industry.

National Animal Care and Control Association
NACA is an organization for animal control personnel at the federal, state, and local levels.  It promotes animal welfare and public safety through training and advocacy programs.  NACA offers professional certification to candidates that complete a training program and pass a written exam.  Training courses and exams are offered in a variety of locations across the United States.

National Association of Professional Pet Sitters
NAPPS is a national nonprofit organization for pet sitters.  The organization provides many benefits for members including a professional certification program, continuing education opportunities, networking events, and business support.

North American Pet Health Insurance Association
NAPHIA is an organization comprised of pet health insurance companies and pet health professionals.  The group promotes industry transparency, consumer education, and networking with other animal welfare and animal health groups.  NAPHIA membership includes many insurance professionals that represent more than 20 different pet insurance brands in the United States and Canada.

Pet Industry Distributors Association
PIDA is an organization for pet product wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers.  The group offers a free Pet Store Pro training program for retailers, a University of Industrial Distribution educational seminar, and the PIDA Management Conference for senior level executives.  PIDA is also a co-sponsor of the annual Global Pet Expo event.

Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council
PIJAC is a group that is dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership and environmental stewardship.  They also closely monitor legislation that could affect pet ownership (including pet sale bans, ownership restrictions in specific areas, and excessive licensing fees).  Membership is open to pet retailers, pet product manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers, sales representatives, veterinarians, and others in the industry.

Society of Animal Welfare Administrators
SAWA is an international nonprofit organization for professionals working in animal welfare, animal control, and animal care.  SAWA offers professional certification as a Certified Animal Welfare Administrator to members who meet eligibility requirements and pass an exam.  The group has more than 600 members.  Membership benefits include access to a job board, salary survey information, and a variety of peer to peer networking opportunities.

World Pet Association
WPA is billed as the oldest pet trade organization and is dedicated to the responsible development of the companion animal industry.  The group hosts the annual SuperZoo trade show, a major event that features hundreds of pet industry exhibits and a variety of educational seminars.  It also hosts the world’s largest consumer pet show.  Additional offerings from the WPA include a variety of networking events, annual meetings, and marketing tools.

Additional pet industry resources may be available on our listings of canine organizations and feline organizations.


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