Dog Foster Parents

Dog Foster Parents

Fostering is a wonderful experience for you and your family ‐ you can feel good knowing you have helped save a dog’s life. Even better, you’ve created space in the shelter to accommodate other homeless dogs. Foster dogs provide companionship and purpose ‐ your act of kindness is repaid in rewards that are beyond words.

Dogs needing foster homes

  • Puppies too young and/or immature to be adopted.
  • Puppies and young dogs that require more socialization than available at the shelter.
  • Older or senior dogs that will be more comfortable in a home environment.
  • Injured dogs and/or those recovering from surgery.
  • Neglected or abused dogs that need tender loving care.
  • Dogs suffering from “shelter stress” in need of a calming home environment.
  • Dogs with colds or with special medical needs.
  • Abandoned mothers with litters of puppies.
  • Any dog when the shelter becomes overcrowded.



Are you able to devote the require time daily and weekly to your foster animal (see chart below)?

Are you able to bring foster animals to the shelter for vaccinations and wellness exams every 1-2 weeks?

Are you able to contact CAS or bring foster animals to the emergency care facility quickly in an emergency?



Are you able to separate your foster animals from your household pets for at least two weeks to protect them from illnesses and allow for proper adjustment period?

Are you able to handle cleaning procedures such as washing hands after every encounter and cleaning / disinfecting the kittens’ quarters routinely?

Are you able to handle any potential home damage (carpet, clothing, and/or furniture) associated with animals?



Are you prepared to handle sickness or possible death of your foster animal?

Are you able to emotionally handle letting go of the foster animal after becoming attached once their foster period is over?

Are you able to handle the potential of foster animals carrying illness that could affect your household animals / family?


Time Commitments & Responsibilities


Sick / Injured Cats 1 week-2 months 2-3 hours
Weaned Puppies 1-3 weeks 3-6 hours
Sick / Injured Dogs 1 week-2 months 2-3 hours
Neonate Puppies 6-8 weeks 8 hours
Mom with Puppies 2-8 weeks 3 hours

By Charleston Animal Society 

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