Ready for Pet Adoption

Ready for Pet Adoption



How do pets in foster care get adopted?

All foster parents are encouraged to promote the adoption of their foster pet to friends, family, and other potential adopters. Charleston Animal Society’s Adoption Ambassador/Operation

Whiskers program is for adoptable animals. This is a foster program

and has been quite successful! We place dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens that are up for adoption into foster homes. We will then supply you with everything: an adopt me vest, business cards for the dog, food, crate, etc. We will train you on the adoption process, advertise your foster on our facebook and website, and encourage you to take your foster around the community to try to find someone to adopt them. We will even invite you out to our offsite adoption events. If you find someone to adopt the animal you are fostering you will perform the adoption process.

This program allows us to have more space available for new animals entering the shelter, animals adopted out of foster homes are less likely to be returned, and the animal is able to live in a home environment and never has to come back to the shelter!

Can’t be an Adoption Ambassador or Operation Whiskers Foster Parent?

If unable to secure an adopter outside of Charleston Animal Society, the foster parent will bring their pet in for rechecks as scheduled.

At each visit, the Foster Coordinator and veterinarian will evaluate the pet or litter’s progress and, when fully treated or recovered, will accept the pet or litter back for surgery and adoption.

When your foster is transferred back to the shelter for adoption, we gladly welcome any information such as written stories or pictures (photographs or childrens’ drawings) that would describe your foster pet to a potential adopter.

Should you need to discontinue foster care for your foster pet prior to their full recovery, call the foster coordinator to schedule a time to bring the foster pet back to the shelter. The foster team at the Charleston Animal Society will work hard to secure a new foster family for any foster returned.

Can foster parents adopt their foster animal?

You bet! Foster parents have first choice to adopt their foster pet. Adoption fees will apply


Monitor First


If worsens: Call the Foster Coordinator at 843-329-1543

Require Immediate Veterinary Attention Business Hours: come straight to shelter After Hours: 843-270-9085
•    Runny discharge from the eyes or nose

•    Lack of appetite

•    Lethargy (lack of energy)

•    Diarrhea lasting more than 3 or 4 feedings

•    Vomiting

•    Weight loss

•    Coughing and sneezing

•    Lack of bowl movements for more than 24-36 hours or straining to urinate/defecate

•    Swollen eyes or eyes held closed

•    Continuous diarrhea longer than 24-36 hours

•    Continuous vomiting longer than 12 hours

•    Loss of appetite

•    Bleeding of any kind (from nose or in urine/ stool)

•    Any trauma (hit by a car, dropped, limping, unconscious, etc)

•    Difficult breathing or labored breathing

•    Dog or cat that is not responsive

•    Lethargy with or without fever

Loyal Dog Breeds: Golden Retriever | West Highland White Terrier | Rough Collie | Great Dane | German Shepherd | Pug Dog | St. Bernard | Pekingese | Havanese | Old English Sheepdog | Great Pyrenees | Labrador Retriever | Miniature Schnauzer | Chihuahua | Beagles Dog | American Cocker Spaniel | Irish Wolfhound | Kuvasz Dog | Akita Dog | Bichon Frise


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