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The dog insurance provider policy is going to offer strong medical coverage for accidents and illnesses with flexible payment options to suit your budget. If you own a working pet, you’ll also want to make sure you choose a company that protects your dog while he or she is on the job. Certain companies also insure extras beyond basic medical treatment and some offer routine care coverage as well. In order to make sure you’re selecting the right policy, think about what types of coverage are most important to you and find a company that best matches your needs. Pet insurance pays up to 90% for veterinary treatment when your dog or cat gets sick or injured. The companies listed below are great providers to consider.


1. Protect Your Bubble offers four dog insurance policies with varying levels of coverage for injuries and illnesses. The Safety plan has no age limit and is a good fit for individuals looking for a basic level of coverage to protect their dogs against unexpected accidents. The other three plans offer more comprehensive protection against all sorts of medical emergencies. Wellness care can also be added to your policy if you’d like your dog’s routine care to be covered as well. If you insure your dog before he or she turns 9, then continuing care is also an option. This coverage takes care of any expenses related to a chronic condition your dog suffers from, such as diabetes. You don’t get to choose your deductible or copay with Protect Your Bubble, but both are relatively low at $100 and 10%, respectively.

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2. Pets Best goes beyond your basic dog health insurance policy by including extras in their standard policies that can’t be found elsewhere. For example, in addition to covering accidents and illnesses, Pets Best also pays for your dog’s exam fees when he or she visits a licensed veterinarian. Accidents that occur while hunting or while a medical services dog is working are also covered. Few other pet insurance providers cover these types of injuries so this is something to think about if it applies to your dog. Pets Best also gives you the chance to customize your policy by purchasing optional wellness coverage and changing your deductible and copay. If these traditional pet insurance policies aren’t of interest to you, you may want to check out one of Pets Best’s specialty plans that offer more focused coverage for a lower monthly fee.

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3.Trupanion also offers dog insurance coverage to working pets. This includes law enforcement, breeding, and hunting dogs, among others. Any injury or illness that occurs while on the job is covered. Trupanion pays for 90% of your dog’s vet bill so your copay is 10%. They cover everything from hospitalization and medication to surgeries and mobility devices. Another unique aspect of Trupanion’s offerings is their optional Pet Owner Assistance package, which helps pay for additional expenses like advertising and reward money if your dog is lost or stolen. Trupanion insures dogs up to age 13, which is higher than many other providers’ limits.

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4. Petplan USA finishes off the list of the best dog health insurance companies because they offer some of the best discounts in the industry along with quality coverage for accidents and illnesses. You can save on your dog insurance policy by enrolling online and insuring a medical services dog. If you’re a veterinary professional, you’re also eligible for another discount. With so many ways to save, Petplan USA may be a good place to turn to if you’ve been unable to find cheap dog insurance elsewhere. As for their policies themselves, you have three choices. The Bronze policy offers $10,000 of annual benefits for veterinary treatments while the Silver and Gold plans have higher limits and also offer extras like lost dog coverage.

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