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Being a pet guardian is a long-term commitment. If you are inspired to add an animal companion to your life, please make your decision carefully. First visit your local shelter or animals rescue groups for assistance in choosing the right pet for your lifestyle. If you are interested in having an animal companion, but aren’t sure you are ready for the commitment, please consider fostering or volunteering at your local animal shelter. is a great website to find pets available for adoption.

Things that Only Pet Parents Understand

  • We probably laugh and smile more times throughout the day than most people.
  • When we purchase a car, we keep in mind how a dog or cat will be able to fit in it.
  • Even though all dogs are adorable, there’s just something a little cuter about my dogs.
  • There’s your life before having dogs, and there’s your life after having dogs — and they’re completely different.
  • It’s hard to wake up grumpy in the morning when there’s a pet dog in our face.
  • We just start making up songs, like you do with babies.
  • We don’t mind picking up their poop. Several times a day, every day.
  • We don’t give a thought to spending money on their care vs. spending money on luxuries for ourselves.
  • Financial priorities are different for people who have dogs.
  • No matter what we do on the car ride to the vet, they know they are not going to the park
  • We have lots of beds around the house.
  • Even though we try to act like everything is normal when we’re packing to go on a trip, they still seem to know
  • When friends or coworkers ask to see pictures of our human family, we have to scroll through hundreds of dog pictures first
  • They have such joy from rolling in smelly things — often after a bath.
  • If they have a regular mealtime and we are late, they notice.
  • When we come back being away from them on a trip, the excitement they show is unmatchable.
  • They seem to vanish when they hear the sounds of bath time.
  • They show excitement when they exit the door as well as when they are entering.
  • Dogs are the most dependable alarm clock.
  • Dog or cat hair on the floor is standard.
  • When we ask for a doggy bag at a restaurant, we mean it literally.


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Pet Parent 101

Are you considering adopting a pet or have you recently adopted one? Our Pet Parent 101 workshop is the perfect place for you to learn more about basic dog and cat care. Questions such as “How do I choose the right pet?” and “Should I adopt a puppy/kitten or an adult?” will be answered by our training and behavior staff. Additional topics include feeding, grooming, veterinary care, essential pet supplies, what to expect when you bring your new pet home and introducing your new pet to resident pets. This workshop is free. No RSVP required. Families are welcome, but please leave your pets at home.

The Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA

Pet foster parents are very much like child foster parents. They care for a homeless pet as if he/she is their own until he/she is adopted. Shelter environments can be extremely stressful for pets.











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