Popular Dog Breeds

Popular Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds are one of the most popular pets around the world, they’re loyal, love the outdoors, funny and great for families. When you’re looking for a dog, choosing one of the intelligent dog breeds is a good start. One of the most reputable and best sources for testing dog intelligence was the book “Intelligence of Dogs” that was published back in 1994. It helped establish the parameters of how canine intelligence was measured and what was involved in it.

It’s stated that there are three kinds of canine intelligence for dogs to be measured in. Two can be measured by canine IQ tests, and the last type is dependent on the breed.

The first type of intelligence is Adaptive Intelligence. It comprises a dog’s ability to learn and problem solve. The second type of intelligence is a dog’s instinctive intelligence. Quite simply, some dogs just have great instincts and follow them. The third type of intelligence is how well the dog can work and follow orders by being obedient. This is usually dependent on the breed.

Since the first two enhance the third type of intelligence, it’s the easiest way to measure a dog’s intelligence is by testing how fast you can teach it things and how often it listens to your commands.

So which breeds are the smartest? Let’s take a look at the findings that came in from various dog and kennel clubs to North America, and which have generally been verified since then through these and other methods as well! All the dogs on this list were good at learning new commands and took between 1 and 15 repetitions on average to learn something new. Additionally, all of them would obey.

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