Australian Cattle Dog Breeds

Australian Cattle Dog Breeds

The Australian Cattle Dog is one of many herding dogs that makes it onto this list. It does seem that dogs that have had histories of working (Especially as Herders) have had their intelligence continue to increase as they have been bred. The Australian Cattle Dog is an excellent herding dog (Considering the name of the dog, it better be) that is still in use as a great work dog today.

The Australian Cattle Dog is a bit of an overachiever. If you are training one for yourself, you need to have a plan and you need to make it difficult. Australian Cattle Dogs actually respond best to challenges and learn more that way than a simple set of tricks they are succeeding at over and over.

Ownership Considerations Cattle Dogs Breeds

The Australian Cattle dog has a very high level of energy! They will go out for a long walk or run, come back, take a minute or two and be ready for more! One way to keep the dog engaged is to give it a job! This is obviously easier if you live on a farm or in some sort of outdoor activity. But if you don’t, you need to find a hobby for your Australian Cattle Dog. Their intelligence allows them to learn almost any trick you can think of. You can train them up for dog competitions like obstacle courses and long jumping. You need to engage the Australian Cattle Dog both mentally and physically!

They can be very skittish with strangers and make for good home guard dogs as they develop a deep bond with their family and their home turf. It’s often best as a long dog with an owner as they require a distinct pecking order.

The Australian Cattle Dog, unfortunately, does have a couple of health issues in what is otherwise a pretty good standard medical record. The Australian Cattle Dog is predisposed to two major things. Certain dogs have a hereditary predisposition towards blindness or deafness. While these are major issues certainly, they can be overcome with excellent training. Additionally, these are genetic hereditary issues and there’s not much that can be done about it other than continuing to love your dog.

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