Pembroke Corgi Dog Breeds

Pembroke Welsh Corgi Dog Breeds

The Corgi and their stumpy legs often give them a goofy appearance that many people take as comic and clownish. However, this sometimes-goofy appearance is a facade and the Welsh Corgi is one of the most intelligent dogs out there.

The Welsh Corgi was originally a herding dog and is yet another of the super-smart herding dogs shown on this list. The erect ears of the Welsh Corgi make it look like it is constantly alert and paying attention to things.

The Welsh Corgi is pretty famous for the love shown to them by Queen Elizabeth II. She has owned royal Welsh Corgis throughout her entire tenure. It’s thought she’s had over 30 Welsh Corgi throughout her life at this point. It must be an interesting power trip to be a Welsh Corgi in Buckingham Palace and having the stoic guards to pee on.

Ownership Considerations Pembroke Corgi Dog Breeds

The Welsh Corgi is another great dog for families to own. They are incredibly affectionate dogs and can sometimes follow their owners around from room to room just to be in the same area as them. Because of their intelligence, you can easily train them to perform any of the tasks you can want from a family dog. This is important because sometimes young Welsh Corgis will nip at your family member’s heels. This is their instinctual attempt to herd your family along.

Welsh Corgis do like to get out and chase things. Since they are herders they like to herd fast moving things, so passing bikers or mailmen can be issues. Additionally, they are loyal and territorial to strangers entering your house, so they need to be socialized early in their lives to make sure that they are proper hosts to your friends and relatives when they come to visit you.

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