Schipperke Dog Breeds

Schipperke Dog Breeds

Another dog that originated from Belgium originally, the Schipperke is another small smart dog. One of the main characteristics of the Schipperke is that they have a heavy ruff of fur around the neck and then down to their tails. They can come in varying colors but don’t come in mixed colors. It’s a single color or bust for Schipperkes usually.

The Schipperke is smart but willful. While they can learn many commands and will follow them most of the time, sometimes they may choose to ignore them if they feel that they have a better option to benefit themselves more. This can be kind of frustrating for owners. Some owners may feel that the dog is untrainable, but in reality, it’s just a willful dog that thinks things through and doesn’t mindlessly obey.

Ownership Considerations Schipperke Dog Breeds

Schipperkes have been given a few nicknames and they give you a window to see the type of dogs they are. They have been called “The Little Black Fox” because they are a curious and mischievous breed. While smart, the dogs can sometimes be very headstrong. If they want to do something, they are going to let you know what they want. They do love to chase small animals outside or bark at passing small rodents.

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