Standard Poodle Dog Breeds

Standard Poodle Dog Breeds

The poodle is one of those dogs that causes divisiveness among a lot of different people. The appearance of the poodle has been their downfall and the portrayal of poodles in cartoons and television makes it seem like they are empty vessels that are standoffish. The truth is that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The poodle has always been a noble breed and actually was used very well in hunting and as a retriever. Poodles are frighteningly smart. They pick up everything they are taught quickly and are fiercely obedient. The poodle’s curly coat hides a dog that is well muscled and has lightning quick reflexes. If you’ve ever played with a poodle, their change of direction can happen faster than almost any other dog as they run and change quickly. The curly hair of the poodle is an excellent choice as it almost works like a wool sweater, insulating the poodle in cold weather and keeping water away from the skin so that the poodle does not get as cold while wet.

The standard poodle should not be mixed up with the toy poodle. While they share many genetic markers, the large size and strength of the poodle makes it far more useful in terms of work and play. Poodles have specifically been bred in recent times to reawaken and encourage their working instincts to help create another useful and powerful hunting breed.

Poodles are now often being trained as assistance dogs to help those with impairments. While this has traditionally been the job of golden retrievers and golden labs, the poodles vast intelligence makes it an excellent choice in these endeavors.

Ownership Considerations

Because the poodle is such an intelligent dog, it needs an intelligent owner if it’s going to be taught complicated commands. This is because the poodle is capable of figuring out how to solve problems itself. It will go about its own determination of how something is to be achieved. Therefore when you are teaching the poodle, you need to give it clear commands with specific goals so that it knows what you are asking of it.


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