Belgian Shepherd Dog Breeds

Belgian Shepherd Tervuren Dog Breeds

The run on Belgian-based dogs continues! The Belgian Shepherd comes in several different varieties that are all acknowledged as being “Belgian Shepherd Dogs” despite the variations they have. The Tervuren is one of those variations and in this case was the type tested for its intelligence. Additionally, it scored very high!

The Belgian Shepherd dog is a herding class dog that is of normal size. They’re usually known for their very thick coat and often have a black face if they aren’t entirely black. They share a lot of physical traits with German Shepherds but tend to be a little bit smaller and

Like many work dogs, they feature a double coat of fur, allowing for the other coat to shed water and protect the dog, while the undercoat is softer and provides the breed with the warmth to keep working outside.

Ownership Considerations

The Belgian Shepherd dog is not a breed content to lay around at home and watch the world pass them by. Their intelligence needs to be stimulated consistently, and they are an energetic breed that wants to get out and be physical.

As family companions, they are loyal and form a good bond with their family. They are ideal dogs for rural families as they don’t like strangers and the rural setting can allow them to run like they desire. Their coat takes a lot of grooming and works to keep it from becoming matted and clean.

Overall Belgian Shepherd Dogs do take a lot of work, but if you can provide the time, they are rewarding companions who can perform many actions you want them to. Some people say that these shouldn’t be a dog for first-time owners due to that maintenance. However, that’s not necessarily true. It’s really just down to the willingness and time you’re able to put in with your dog.

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