Bernese Dog Breeds

Bernese Mountain Dog Breeds

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a large addition to earn a spot on the most intelligent dog breeds list. It’s one of a few dogs that make up the “Sennenhund”. These dogs are almost always black tan and white and have coloring that is essentially the same for every dog.

Originally, Bernese Mountain Dogs were used as farm dogs. Their size allowed them to be good guard dogs, but they were energetic enough to allow them to also herd or catch. While they are very large, they are also capable of very fast sprinting when they want to. Their intelligence and natural athleticism will allow you to train them for a lot of fun outdoor activities and they can be pretty impressive when it comes to catching a frisbee. (As long as they don’t consume them afterward).

Ownership Considerations

Bernese Mountain Dogs are very calm and slow to anger. This can make them great for people who have young children who may be shrill or abrasive to some animals. The Bernese Mountain Dog will take everything in stride. Their short lifespan has to be a factor though, for very emotional families, their losses can be hard.

Thankfully despite their size, you won’t need to worry too much about grooming. Some standard weekly brushing with a monthly bath should be enough to keep them in good nick and looking their best.

It’s sad that cancer can take our canine companions from us. It’s fairly common for dogs, but the Bernese Mountain Dog actually has one of the highest rates of fatal cancer among all breeds. What’s crazy is that up to half of all Bernese Mountain Dogs can perish from cancer. Additionally, they have a high rate of muscle and bone issues due to the sheer size of the breed. Preventative measures can help to try to lower the joint pain they suffer. Ramps are better than stairs. Unsurprisingly with all of these issues, the Bernese Mountain Dog has a very short expected lifespan. While most other large breeds can get up to double digits, the average lifespan for a Bernese Mountain Dog is about 7.5 years long.

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