Border Collie Dog Breeds

Border Collie Dog Breeds

Coming in first for our most intelligent dog breeds is the Border Collie. People who have worked with Border Collies would certainly not be surprised to see them topping this list. Border Collies have been hard working dogs for many years. They were the most adept at herding sheep and as such are also called a Scottish Sheep Dog. Putting their vast intelligence to use makes sense as the Border Collie can learn commands that outstrip that of other dogs, and allows them to work independently with the minimal commands.

Border Collies tend toward a medium size. They’re not small dogs, but certainly aren’t the largest. They are slightly shaggy and can come in almost any color. If you like the breed, you’ll be able to find a dog that you find cute. However, you should keep in mind that this dog is very instinctual. They are known for chasing cars or other moving vehicles if they are passing.

Ownership Considerations:

Border Collies are high energy dogs. Their work background and herding capabilities are still there in their instinct so for owners, they need to be prepared to live high energy lifestyles. If you’re looking into getting a Border Collie, then you should ensure that you are willing to be as active as they are, or make allowances for a second dog. Two Border Collies as friends is a pretty common sight as their owners understand it’s hard to keep up with these dogs.

Their instinct to herd things is built in and can often result in the dog herding your other pets or your children. This herding behavior can also lead to them being very protective and barking at new people to alert you to the “danger”. This has the potential to make them good guard dogs, but that’s tempered by the fact they are incredibly affectionate, and it’s more likely they will be curled up with your children in their bed than able to guard the house.

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