Collies Dog Breeds

Collies Dog Breeds

According to television, there’s no smarter dog when it comes to children falling down wells than a Collie. But aside from that, Collies are actually also very intelligent. The term “Collie” as the breed is commonly called can actually refer to an entire grouping of dogs but usually is used to refer to a Rough Collie (Which can also be known as the Long-Haired Collie).

The Collie has been a dog that’s commonly used to imply intelligence in a dog, and the breed itself can usually back it up. As alluded to earlier, the show Lassie featured an ultra-smart Collie that was always saving people from predicaments. This was parodied in “The Simpsons” when Bart purchased a Collie named Laddie. Laddie was even smarter than Lassie and came equipped able to gather fresh fruit, work as a drug sniffing dog and use human toilets. This may be an obvious exaggeration, but it gets it’s point across.

Rough Collies were herding dogs originally and still have a herding instinct. While for the most part, they have lost their jobs to Border Collies, there are still some Rough Collies who put on their hard hat every day.

Ownership Considerations

The Collie features a spectacular coat of fur. This makes them good cold weather dogs, but also means you’re going to need to get in there with your grooming brush and work it. They need a lot of brushing, and you need to make sure you get to their undercoat as well.

Collies are very good with children and with your family, but they can be barkers. Their herding instinct has led them to remain very verbal and they will let people know something is amiss, even when it’s just a passing person on a morning walk. They can also be shy with strangers and sometimes overprotective of their masters.

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