English Spaniel Dog Breeds

English Springer Spaniel Dog Breeds

The English Springer Spaniel is another working dog that makes it into our top 20. The English Springer Spaniel is another hunting dog but was not meant as many of the other hunting dogs. While hounds are trackers and there are various retrieving breeds, the English Springer Spaniel had the job of flushing game out of the brush so the hunters could take their shots at game not expecting them. This gave the breed their name as they were so successful at “springing” the trap on game.

Ownership Considerations – English Springer Spaniel Dog Breeds

English Springer Spaniels are very good for their owners. They’re not necessarily overly affectionate or easy going but can develop that trait if they are put in the right situation. They are however very willing to learn from their master and to obey their commands quickly and attentively.

One thing that is proven about the English Springer Spaniel is that gets along with kids and strangers very well. It’s a sociable and curious breed that is excited when it gets to meet new people. Making sure you train your dog to not excitedly jump up on people is very important. While the English Springer Spaniel is sociable with people and other dogs, it’s one of the dogs that wants nothing to do with cats. Their hunting instincts generally take over when they see a cat and they can’t help but chase and harass the cat. Cats generally aren’t a big fan of this, so if you’re going with a mixed pet household, you may want a different breed.

Their love of water often has them leaping in, so have a blow dryer ready as their long coat can result in a lot of wet dog moments, and if they shake if off themselves, it can result in a liberal spray of dog water throughout your living room.

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