Golden Retriever Dog Breeds

Golden Retriever Dog Breeds

The Golden Retriever has been the dog of choice for the nuclear family for a long time. A Golden Retriever goes very well with the stay at home Mom and 2.3 children. But the Golden Retriever is more than just a family friend. The Golden Retriever is one of the best hunting breeds ever, which makes this one of the most intelligent dog breeds for anyone who loves the outdoors.

The “retriever” in the dog’s name is because of their hunting skills. Once a hunter has brought down game, the retriever is sent off to get the game and bring it back to their master. Generally, this has usually meant fowl of some kind like ducks, turkeys or quail. This allows the hunter to remain hidden while the dog does the legwork. They love water and are more than willing to dive into a lake or swampy area to go get what needs to be fetched.

Ownership Considerations-Golden Retriever Dog Breeds

Golden Retrievers are a large dog and their longer haired coat means they are powerful shedders. For that matter, you’re going to want to groom your Golden Retriever a lot. When the seasons change and the dog starts getting its fall or winter coat, it’s going to be fur city on your floors and carpets.

As mentioned earlier, Golden Retrievers are a great dog for families. They are gentle and patient, so young children climbing on them or pulling on them is not going to make them lash out. While they are not the most energetic dog outwardly, they do need a lot of exercise to stay healthy. Additionally, if there’s one dog that loves to run away and explore, it’s a Golden Retriever. They have a natural tendency to go out and explore the world. While this Lewis and Clark feeling may seem noble, it can be very frustrating for owners who find a hole dug under a fence and an escaped dog. However, in the end, the tradeoff is well worth it for a dog that will protect and love your family.


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