Keeshond Dog Breeds

The Keeshond Dog Breeds

The Keeshond is not the original name of this breed and was originally called the German Spitz thanks to the visual similarity to the Spitz itself. The Keeshond has the graceful air of the majestic lion and has a ruff of lionlike fur around its head. It has an incredibly thick double coat that is usually gray or black or a mix of the two colors.

Keeshonds are agile dogs that are playful and have quick reflexes. They are great fetch partners and love to be taught all kinds of outdoor tricks. While not a very large breed, they have big hearts and owners swear by them.

Ownership Considerations-Keeshond Dog Breeds

The Keeshond excels with obedience work and learns things very quickly. Keeshonds are another breed that loves a structured training regimen and responds very well to it. They struggle with inconsistency or force. Additionally, you need to be careful about things you are doing around your Keeshond as their intelligence will often let them learn things from you that you may not have intended. They are always hoping to please their master, so their reinforcement needs to be positive, rather than negative.

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