Papillon Dog Breeds

Papillon Dog Breeds

Here we have the highest ranked toy dog. The Papillon is a type of spaniel (also known as the Continental Toy Spaniel, but that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue) that is distinct with long hair, usually perky ears and a fluffy curved tail over it. Papillon ears are large and seem to give them a look like a butterfly. The tail is also a very interesting feature. The Papillon is nicknamed a “Squirrel Dog” since their tails are very similar as they curl up over the dog’s back and are very fluffy.

Papillons are surprisingly agile and have often been trained to run dog obstacle courses and excel in the quick weaving and leaping portions. Papillons may not have a lot of function as a work dog, but they know their place and are one of the most enjoyable and fun toy breeds to own on a personal level.

Ownership Considerations-Papillon Dog Breeds

If you’re thinking of getting a Papillon as a dog, you’re going to have to look into their activity level. It’s actually an easier dog than most to take care of. While very active, the Papillon loves to play during the day and will get a lot of exercise from that. While nothing replaces a good walk for your dogs exercise, a fenced yard, and some freedom can provide your Papillon with a lot of what it needs.

Papillon’s usually have minimal health concerns and certainly none of the physical bone issues more popular in larger dogs. They are good family dogs and can be very friendly with strangers if trained properly. Papillons interaction with other animals will depend on you as an owner. The Papillon can be great with other animals if it’s introduced to them properly. If it’s not socialized with other animals correctly, it can become defensive or aggressive. Essentially like a lot of animals, if they are exposed to things properly at an early age, they will be receptive to them and happy later in life.

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