Pet Cat Nutrition Guide

Why Dry Food Is Such A Bad Idea
  • Journal of the American Veterinary Association, 1 December 2002 (Volume 221, Number 11), Timely Topics in Nutrition, “The Carnivore Connection to Nutrition in Cats“, Debra L. Zoran
  • The TC Feline website – too many wonderful essays and articles to summarize here; this is an absolutely indispensable treasure trove of credible information by a pioneer in raw cat food feeding world
Demystifying Pet Food Labeling
  • What the information on pet food labels tells you and what it doesn’t tell you: A Cook College Pet Seminar, April 10, 1994, by David A. Dzanis, DVM, Ph.D., DACVN, Center for Veterinary Medicine
  • FDA information for consumers on marketing a pet food product
Getting Educated on the Essentials of Raw Feeding Yourself So You’re Not Just Using This Website for Information Which Will Probably Really Freak Out Your Vet
Fine Tuning Your Knowledge of Cat Nutrition
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