Pet Products Must Have

Pet Products Must Have

1. Collar, Harness & Leash

The essentials to any pet’s wardrobe! These can help your pet’s

personality and style shine, but it is even more important to make sure

they’re secure and fit properly.

2. Identification Tags

An ID tag serves as an introduction to your pet for everyone it encounters,

but it will also help ensure its safe return should it ever become lost. Be

sure to include your pet’s name and yours on the tag, plus a phone

number you can be reached at when your pet is found.

3. Poop Bags/Litter Box

Nature is going to call. One of the more unpleasant tasks of pet ownership,

but a necessary one nonetheless. Dog owners will need to have poop

bags handy at all times, so always have a few rolls ready when taking your

buddy out for a walk. They even make dispensers to attach to your pet’s

leash or collar for added convenience. Cat owners will need a litter box in

a safe area that can be reached easily and quickly. You can put a thin layer

of baking soda on the bottom of the box to help absorb odors without

repelling your cat.

4. Bed

A comfortable bed is just as important to your pet as it is to you, so make

sure you find one yours will love.

5. Food & Water Bowls

Cats are easier to accommodate since most are less than a foot in height.

With dogs varying in size, it can be more challenging. Food and water

bowls need to be close to your dog’s snout without excessive bending,

which can cause problems with digestion. So, taller dogs will usually

require a stand to hold the bowl at a proper height, while a puppy may

need a bowl with an anti-slip grip as it laps up its meal.

6. Grooming Supplies

Pets need grooming, too! Teeth-cleaning supplies are essential for your

dog or cat’s prolonged dental health, while a brush, nail clippers, and

various deshedding tools will help keep up appearances. Don’t forget to

pick up some cleaning pads for your pet’s ears. They can get grimy in no

time, but a quick swab with a cleaning pad will do the trick.

7. Crate

If you want a lively dog to rest in one spot while you’re away from home, a

crate might be a good idea. Many people get wonderful results with crate

training. Just make sure the one you choose is spacious enough for your

pup to feel not only safe but comfortable.

8. Cleaning Supplies

From litter scoopers to odor eliminators to cage wipes, make sure you

have everything you might need!

• Lint remover

• Litter scooper

• Pooper scooper for larger dogs

• Paper towels or wet wipes

• Enzymatic cleaner

• Disinfectant spray/wipes

• Pet stain removers

• Odor neutralizer

9. Toys

One of the most enjoyable aspects of owning a dog or cat is figuring out

which toys it loves the most! Try bringing home a variety of potential

favorites to see which one your pet best responds to. There’s nothing a

pet loves more than a good toy… well, maybe a good treat.

10. Treats!

Not only do dogs and cats go crazy for treats, they’re also a great way to

teach tricks and to encourage appropriate behavior. Keep some in the

house so you can give rewards when they’re deserved, or when you feel

like giving your pet something special.

11. Baby Gate

Baby gates can be helpful in keeping more inquisitive pets out of areas

they don’t belong. Like children, dogs and cats like to explore areas where

they know they’re not allowed. A baby gate will hinder any of these

unwanted adventure attempts. The gates will help your pet learn its

boundaries, and eventually they won’t even be necessary.


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