Animal Collapse & Accident

Animal Collapse and Accident Tips

Animal Collapse and Accident Tips; Quick, appropriate action can mean the difference between life and death in the event of an accident or collapse.

Do not:

  1. Do not move the animal unless he/she is in danger (middle of highway)
  2. Do not raise his/her head or prop it up because saliva, blood, or vomit may run to the back of the throat and block the airway Do not give the animal anything solid or liquid by mouth


  1. Get the animal out of danger and treat for shock. Slip a sheet under him/her and carry the animal like a hammock. Cover the animal with a blanket and place a hot water bottle wrapped in a cloth next to him/her.
  2. Check the pulse. This can be felt on the inside of the cat’s thigh where the leg joins the body.
  3. Check breathing. If irregular, loosen the collar, if necessary, open the mouth, pull the tongue forward, remove any foreign debris, wipe away saliva, blood, or vomit, then give artificial respiration,
  4. Check for heartbeat.
  5. Treat bleeding. Stop any heavy blood flow.
  6. Look for broken bones.
  7. Contact your veterinarian or Emergency Clinic.

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