Pet Exposure Injuries

Pet Exposure Injuries

Pet Exposure Injuries; Just as humans are affected by extremes of heat and cold, animals can sustain severe injuries when exposed to temperature extremes for any length of time.

Pets Chilling and hypothermia

Signs are depressed attitude, low body temperature (below 96 degrees), decrease respiratory rate, shivering

(which is absent if body temperature is below 90 degrees); unconsciousness..

4. Move animal to a warm, protected place

5. Cover with blankets and gently rub the body (not extremities) to aid in rewarming

6. Use an electric heater or heating pads (with caution so as not to burn) if body temperature is very low

7. If conscious, give warm sugar water

8. If unconscious, get to a veterinarian immediately

Pets Frostbite

Frostbite occurs most frequently in body areas sparsely covered with hair of areas of poor blood circulation

(tips of ears, tails, scrotum). This is typical with stray animals.

9. Move animal to warm, protected place.

10. Rewarm by moist heat application (85 degrees) or immersions in warm water. Do not rub or apply pressure dressing or ointments.

Pets Heatstroke

Heatstroke is most commonly seen in dogs that are confined in some manner in hot weather. Signs are heavy panting, difficult breathing, vomiting, rapid pulse, high body temperature (106-110 degrees), and collapse. To treat heatstroke:

11. Cool animal by submerging in cool water (NOT ice water).

12. Keep wet and cool.

13. Monitor temperature. When the temperature reaches 100 degrees, dry animal and discontinue cooling.

14. Encourage animals to drink, but DO NOT force.

15. If collapsed, contact a veterinarian as severe metabolic disturbances can occur.

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