Foreign Bodies in Pets

  Foreign Bodies in Pets

Foreign Bodies in Pets, Animal-proofing your house or petting room often can avert injuries from foreign bodies in the mouth, the eye, or the nose. Read the sections on animal proofing and toys carefully. Use the procedures that follow to treat your animal should an injury occur.

In the mouth

Grasp the animal’s body firmly, open the mouth and push the lower jaw down with a pencil. Locate the object (use a flashlight if necessary) and remove it with fingers.

In the eye

Grasp the animal’s body firmly, part the eyelid and examine the eye. If the object doesn’t wash out, put 1-3 drops of olive oil in the eye. If the foreign body is penetrating the surface DO NOT attempt to remove it. Go straight to the veterinarian.

In the nose

Don’t try to remove the object. Apply a cold compress to soothe the irritation and control bleeding. Contact the veterinarian.

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