Pets Parents Tips And Advice

Pets Parents Tips & Advice

Pets Parents or Pet Owners, Changes in social norms and trends cause people to change the way they think about owning a pet, most our pets worked their way into our hearts and with the time became a four-legged member of our family. Between the therapeutic joy and unconditional love that animals offer, we end up adopting an animal that becomes more to us than just another material thing we own. So what is the difference between a pet owner and a pet parent:

1) You refer to your pet as your child “that’s my baby boy”.

2) You dress your pet in the latest fashion, after all, your pet is no longer just a pet; he or she’s your baby.

3) You take your pet with you everywhere you go, whether its grocery shopping or hitting the gym.

4) Your pet has a Facebook page, overall, it’s a great way to show off your adorable pet, meet other animal lovers, and socialize with other pet parents.

5) You personify your pet as human, your pet goes to daycare, he or she has birthday parties and play dates, pet own room, special food

Tips & Advice for New Pet Parents

Before you brought home your dog/cat:

  • Research all the breeds before making a decision. People often make an instant decision when they see a cute animal and want to adopt immediately.
  • The adamancy of dogs to eat/chew on items other than dog toys.
  • It’s just like having a child. You have to teach it, love it and grow old with it.
  • Cats like to hide in places you wouldn’t expect. Usually just to make you panic.
  • The time you need to spend training in the first few months. The more time you spend early on with your pet, the better trained they’ll be for the rest of their lives.
  • Kittens are not the same as cats, and puppies are not the same as dogs in that they are very energetic and into everything. There’s no such thing as a lazy kitten.
  • How to socialize dogs properly with other dogs.
  • Cats will scratch like crazy, and you need to give them something to scratch on. Otherwise, it’s the carpet and furniture.
  • How to understand basic signals and commands cats and dogs respond to and how to communicate with your pet better.
  • How hard house-breaking your pet will be!


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